TRIKOS is our anti hair loss line made of Natural active principals based on Serenoa.

It also includes natural cleaning laurylsulphate free. TRIKOS products represent from years our way to obtain sure, safety and concrete results, by an innovative and different approach to the usual one. In order to obtain a promised result we act respecting the need, very important for us, to give maximum attention to the whole organism, avoiding any annoying side effects that may represent an obstacle for the preset result reaching.

TRIKOS includes:

A complete natural anti hair loss line based on Serenoa Repens, together with an oral supplement, based on Serenoa Repens as an “inside allied”, to oppose in an effective and fast way, the hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), and hair thinning in a way totally free from any side effects;

SOFT, our totally natural acylglutamate based detergent, totally laurylsulphate free, therefore no toxic at all. It allows frequent washings demolishing the harmful side effects caused by the chemical surfactant commonly used.