Active Principles
SERENOA SERRULATA (serenoa repens): is rich in Lauric acid the inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase which is the main cause of hair loss in Androgenetic Alopecia. It improves the general hair look and increases the "mass" effect;

ALOE BARBADENSIS (aloe vera): is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential and secondary amino acid, fat acids, lignins and e saponins. Bibliography assumes it has energizing and tonic actions as well as its analgesic, antiphlogistic and depurative properties;

VACCINUM MYRTILLUS (bilberry): its antiseptic, astringent and antiinflammatory properties are widely known (it protects vessels and normalizes the blood capillaries permeability);

SOY GLYCINE (soy): rich in amino acids and polypeptides. It acts on scalp and hair with nourishing, moisturising, elasticising effects. Hair substantivating;

PANAX GINSENG (ginseng): revitalises the cutaneous tissue and is a hair substantivating. Rich in mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids and mucilages;

HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA (witch hazel): it contains tannins and flavonoids which have astringent, decongestant and cutaneous antiinflammatory properties;

URTICA DIOICA (nettle): is known as to be the richest plant in chlorophyll. It contains nitrogenated substances, proteins, amino acids carotenoids and glucides with antiseborrheic action. It also acts against scalp’s hitch and dandruff;

NASTURTIUM OFFICINALE (nasturtium): tonic reminelalizer, it stimulates the hair bulb’s vitality (DR. HBREL). It has anti-hair loss properties and is rich in mineral salts and vitamins. PACKAGING: 50 ml glass bottle with dropper. Directions: Apply 15-20 drops of lotion 1-2 times a day directly on the scalp only when hair is dry by rubbing delicately with fingertips for a few minutes.