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Why i.LIGHT-MED [and what is not i.LIGHT-MED]:

i.LIGHT-MED is the last frontier in light and photons modulation: is the Photo-Bio-Stimulation, athermic, not invasive, without contraindications. i.LIGHT-MED has a huge range of application and can offer many treatments, starting from aesthetic ones, such as skin revitalizing, anti-aging, toning, to more specifics ones such as scars treatment, stretch marks or cellulites treatment.

is not a pulsed light
is not a radio-frequency
non è un ultrasuono cavitazionale

Discover Face Treatments and Body Treatments
How to get aesthetic and therapeutic advantages trough light?
Reaming light natural energy, in the respect of the organism physiology.

Medical Keratrade Advanced Scientific Research has worked out a natural Method able to restore face and body original beauty, allowing remarkable medical-aesthetics results.

Trough its athermic energy, i.LIGHT-MED restores cells metabolism, thanks to the emission of a calibrate and special light, that is absorbed by tissue different layers, causing desired and beneficial bio-chemical and bio-physics reactions.

Is it possible to use light energy to feel better?
Which is the ideal light for skin and organism beauty and wellbeing?
Set on bright quality or quantity?
Which is the best way to apply light on body?
How many questions find answers in Medical Keratrade i.LIGHT-MED.

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