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The ACYLGLUTAMATE already exists naturally in our skin and it is called Pyroglutamic acid, also known as PCA (carboxylic pyrrolidone acid) which is chemically the lactam of glutamic acid and is one of the substances that naturally form N.M.F.

It is very important for the mechanism of skin moisturising. Many scientific publications have shown the results obtained with this active ingredient and have also remembered how it is contained in the skin most than in any other tissue. It is also lacking in pathological symptoms such as Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Palmo-plantar pustulosis.

The main ACYLGLUTAMATE feature in TRIKOS line is to be created by botanical extraction, especially from Sugarcane and Coconut and also to be the only surfactant agent of its detergents, which means it is pure. This product is evidently able to perform a cleansing action which is usually aggressive, with a substance which indeed performs a moisturising action.
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