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Kmedshop is a Company that has as distinctive elements: Medical Research and Innovation.

It creates really innovative Solutions and Products, effective and safe for the Aesthetical Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Trichology and the Pharmacy field, thanks to an enviable background, the apex of a long run in which meet true passion, a scientific specific know how, rare to find and and the state-of-the-art of technical competences in medical field.

Kmedshop vaunts several records on its history:

Use of Serenoa in the baldness treatment, as inhibitor of 5-alfa-reductasi, responsible of early hair loss (androgenetic alopecia);

Introduction of Serenoa based supplement as support in the hair loss therapy;

Use of natural surfactants for shampoo and detergent products, as substitute of laurilsulfates, normally used as foam agents in skin and hair cleaning products, that the scientific research establish to be toxic and harmful;

Development of injectable "fan" technic in treatment of localized adiposity with phosphatidylcoline;

Introduction and develop of transdermal phosphatidylcoline carried by ultrasound, in non invasive treatment against localized adiposity, cellulitis and love handles;

Use of nano-technologies in products for topic purposes used in Aesthetic Medicine.

From moreover than 40 years, any products of ours is the expression of what we strongly believe in.

Quality, innovation, concrete results, natural origin row material, respectful of environment and organism, are our drive thought and our guide: only if these presuppositions are totally satisfied, our intentions take form in products and solutions.

Medical and scientific research are feeding our mission to give a contribute to Beauty Wellness and Body Armony with safe and non conventional products and solutions.

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