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Trattamento Specifico Smagliature
Specific Anti-Stretch-Marks Treatment (Trattamento Smagliature)
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Specific Anti-Stretch-Marks Treatment is a non conventional solution to stretch marks problem: it combines , in an innovative way, a liquid cristal emulsion (*) with an ultrasounds carrying.

Specific Anti-Stretch-Marks Treatment has a strong elasticizing and smoothing action, erasing or weakening existing stretch marks and preventing new ones. The vegetable extracts synergy combined with ultrasound specific action, stimulates endogenous collagen production, unique and fundamental element that can repair stretch marks. The treatment uses KMED-Ultrasound with a specific ultrasound head (Stylo).

(*) liquid cristal emulsion betters water and active principals release, maintaining functional substances in treatment seat (stretch marks) that needs cutaneous elasticity and skin functions restore. Clinically tested.
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Specific Anti-Stretch-Marks Treatment is a Professional Body treatment excellent after pregnancy , or after a strong loss of weight.

eliminates new stretch marks;

prevents pregnancy stretch marks formation;

betters skin smoothing, firmness and elasticity in surrounding area.
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