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Specific Anti-stretch Marks Serum
Specific Anti-Stretch Marks Serum (Siero Specifico Smagliature)
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Specific anti-stretch marks serum is the home use version of Keratrade Specific Anti-Stretch-Marks Treatment, studied to maintain and increase professional treatment results, between one session and the other.

Specific Anti-Stretch Marks Serum is a liquid cristal emulsion*, created to minimize stretch-marks and prevent new ones.

(*) liquid cristal emulsion betters water and active principals release, maintaining functional substances on treated area (stretch-marks) for long time. This area needs skin elasticity and skin functions restore. Clinically tested
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Specific Anti-Stretch Marks Serum is excellent after pregnancy or after a slimming diet. During pregnancy , to prevent, is suggested to maintain very elastic abdomen, breast, hips skin by applying many times per day.

Specific Anti-Stretch Marks Serum:
reduces the stretch-mark cross section
reduces stretch-marks , allows the pigmentation
improves skin elasticity around the stretch-mark area
improves smoothness, skin tone and softness around the stretch-mark area
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