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KDERMA CELL is an innovative gel , for topic use with fast absorption, studied to hinder the cellulite slight blemish and the related cutaneous relaxation too .

Its formulation in Nano-technology allows the active principals absorption.
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Studied as a home treatment to shape buttocks, abdomen and legs, KDERMA CELL increases and optimizes all the reducing and PFES medical treatments, for example KDERMA Intrafosfaderm.

Its particular scentless gel formulation allows, its application both in the morning and evening, giving a pleasant refreshing sensation.

After 2 week of application the tissue will be tonic, firmness, smoothing with improvement in the treated area.

In case of venous return problems, keep KDERMA CELL in the fridge and applies it cold. It doesn't grease and has a rapid absorption.
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> Actions > DirectionActive Principles> Package

KDERMA CELL contains a cosmetic active principals complex:
Deca-peptide 2: bio-mimetic peptide that acts on the adipocites metabolism;
Teofillina: studies demonstrate the triglyceride fat tissue release allowing the lipolysis;
Pfaffia Paniculata Amarantacea: also called Brazilian Gin Seng rich in mineral salts,Cobalt, Iron , Zinc, Silicon. In literature anti-inflammatory and cells activity bio-stimulation proprieties are conferred to this plant;
Escina: to this plant peripheral vasoconstrictor proprieties are conferred, increases micro-circulation and takes away heaviness and fatigue to lower limbs.
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