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C VITAMIN SERUM - skin spots
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C Vitamin is a strong anti-oxidizing, used to treat sunburns. This serum has been formulated using its better form, that is C Vitamin Esters and not the L-Ascorbic Acid, like commonly and wrongly happened.

This particular formulation is soluble in fats, that means that can easily absorbed and can penetrate the cells film, granting strong protection from free-radicals, exactly where they most damage, in particular on cell surface.
It is really stable and allows an anti-oxidizing property good conservation.

C VITAMIN SERUM is indicated for:
Eyes and lips express wrinkles, damaged by sun
Low firmness skins, due to Collagen damages
 Sunburn, inflamed or irritating skins

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Apply on face, neck and crow's feet wrinkles and massage in until absorbed.

Perfect after a sun exposure period.

In case, it can be also combined with a cream suitable for your skin type.

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15 ml bottle [home use]
50 ml bottle [medical use]
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