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LIGHT SKIN CREAM- eyes anti-ageing
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LIGHT SKIN CREMA is a natural cream with a clearing up effect, depigmented for dyschromias and skin spots. One of its active principals is Seeds Oil of Red Grapevine, extracted from Vitis Vinifera seeds, an oil rich in anti-oxidizing substances, and in polyunsaturated fat acid (72% lanoleic acid), it has emollient, hydrating and soothing actions, it contains a concentration between 0.8% and 1.5% of unsaponifiable  fraction  rich in tocopherols and  phytosterols.

The most interesting components are the OPC (Oligomeric protoantocianidine) responsible of the high anti-oxidizing actions of this vegetable oil.

Its combination  with Oliec Acid and Kojic Acid, naturals active principles, with a depigmentation action and inhibitory of melanin production, in association with an high anti-oxidizing action, makes, LIGHT SKIN CREMA a real well-being treatment for skin with dyschromias, spots, allowing the spots skin removal.

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Night: apply a cream layer on dyschromias and let absorb

To increase its action, use it in combination with  Biosphere Clearing up essential oil, applying 2/3 drops of essential oil on spot and the applying LIGHT SKIN CREMA after.

To obtain a clearing up and lightening effect, apply LIGHT SKIN CREMA at night and/or morning on face.

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50 ml bottle
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