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Maschera Collagene Marino
Marine Collagen Fleece (Maschera Collagene Marino)
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The COLLAGEN FLEECE MASK increases skin firmness and tone, wipes out from your face fatigue and stress, highlights the skin compactness helping to re-establish its balance and well-being.

A specific face-shaped mask with lifting effect to prevent skin aging. It is made of an unwoven fabric enriched with pure marine collagen derived from many species of fish.

In 30 minutes it gives the same results of a beauty bath. It removes wrinkles and micro-wrinkles by stretching skin. Furthermore, it wipes out skin stress and fatigue through its effective moisturising effect. It is a basic product for the beauty and the brightness of your skin.
It is a sterile fabric imbued with MARINE COLLAGEN.

This is made of those amino acids which can be found in the molecular chain, especially by 4-HYDROXYPROLINE and HYDROXYLYSINE. This product is vacuum-packed without any additive. MARINE COLLAGEN FLEECE is an excellent way to maintain the stratum corneum hydration balance, mitigate percutaneous water loss, which is a result of perspiratio insensibilis.
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Open the pouch, place the mask onto face, dab and press gently in order to keep the mask perfectly on skin.

Leave on face until full absorption (20-30 minutes approximately), remove, and apply a specific cream according to skin type.

Package: 1 mask
> Characteristics> DirectionActive Principles

This product is mainly made up of marine collagen extracted from many varieties of fish through a cold working procedure during which a planetary mixer machine is used, in order not to alter the properties of the collagen.

It has been chosen to use marine products because of the BSE-related restrictions on the use of bovine extracts.

Marine collagen is a widely used product in cosmetics because of its filmogenic and hydroscopic properties, which are effective in maintaining skin’s hydration, tone and elasticity.
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