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LIPODREN - Phosphatidylcholine FTDC
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Patented Natterman Molecule
(plant origin and free of saturated fat acids). German origin only raw materials (Origin and quality certificate).

LIPODREN is indicated for:
body localized adiposity: abdomen, hips, arms, thighs, knees, spine;
face localized adiposity: double chin, eyelids;
First level cellulite.
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It contains Activity
Phosphatidylcholine activate the lipase and emulsifies lipids leaving the adipocytes without controls. Membrane damage, created by Sodium desoxycholate, triggers inflammation that leads to apoptosis of the fatty cell
Sodium Desoxycholate creates damage to the adipocytes membrane, in synergistic action with phosphatidylcholine
Benzyl Alcohol preservative
Sodium Chloride preservative
Tocopherol (Vit. E) antioxidant
Water for injections
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24 Vials 5 ml each sterile, apyrogen
FTDC 5% = 250 mg

Lipodren can be used pure or diluted in saline solution (ratio 1/1)
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