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RESVERATROL+ DMAE SERUM - lifting face and neck
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DMAE or “Dimethylaminoethanol” is a substance able to regulate many base cells process, such as proliferation, differentiation etc. A study of 16 weeks , published on “American Journal of Clinical Dermatology” has demonstrated the effectiveness and the tolerability after a face daily application ,using a 3% gel.

KMED Line Gel formulation is a combination of DMAE and Resveratrol , that is effectiveness on common wrinkles (such as forehead one and periocular one), on nose-lips wrinkle, on neck skin firmness lost, better the shape and the lips toning and the age skin look. The toning effect is confirmed by cutaneous tension and does not decrease during the 2 weeks of application suspension. All the DMAE + RESVERATROL gel applications have demonstrated to be well tolerate : does not appear in fact differences in erithema and reddening incidence.

The Resveratrol is a vegetable molecule, mainly extracted from Polygonum Cuspidatum roots, that has anti-oxidizing property , 400 times more than the one in grapes and wine.
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Apply on face, neck and crow's feet wrinkles and massage in until absorbed. In case, it can be also combined with a cream suitable for your skin type.

RESVERATROL+ DMAE SERUM is indicated for:
face and neck skin firmness lost
small wrinkles under and up lips
 stressed and fatigue skin, thin lips with wrinkles
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15 ml bottle [home use]
50 ml bottle [medical use]
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