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KMED-Ultrasound is an ultrasound appliance for aesthetic and curative treatments, which can be customized according to the patient needs.

KMED-Ultrasound is a professional equipment for aesthetic and curative purposes, which produces ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of 1MHz and/or 3 MHz frequency, according to the selected program. It has different-sized heads, which can be used according to the involved area.

Technical features:
Frequency: 1MHz – 3 MHz
Power: 0,15 – 3Watt/cm2
Duty Cycle: 10 – 100%
50mm diameter head
35mm diameter head
Size: 26x10x26cm

> CharacteristicsFrontal Part> Programs

A LCD alphanumeric display that indicates all special parameters of each treatment, i.e. program number, time, type and rules, information about the level of each treatment (Power%, Duty Cucle%);

A LED BAR that indicates the output intensity and 5 LEDs which indicate the appliance operativeness;

COMMAND BUTTONS that select treatment programs and regulate power and duty cycle, Start/Stop button;

An INPUT JACK where insert the ultrasonic head;

A SLOT where insert smart card.
> Characteristics> Frontal PartPrograms

Smart Cars 1: “free programs”: are open programs - it is possible to select treatment frequency (1Mhz or 3Mhz), power (P%) and Duty Cicle. These values can be modified any time during the treatment.

Smart Card 2: “aethetic programs”: are default 50 different applicative programs and treatments , which have been developed according to specific types of treatments (shaping, maintenance, drainage and reactivating action) and according to the application areas (arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs etc.).

Smart Card 3: “curative programs” (optional): are default 45 different applicative programs, which have been developed according to the pathology, such as: arthrosis, analgesia, tendinitis, bursitis, capsulitis, coccygodynie, fibrolitic effect, contractures etc.).
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