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One of the most recent innovations in aesthetic surgery is the phosphatidylcholine use in small localized adipose areas treatment.

Intrafosfaderm® born from medical sector request: transdermal vehiculation of phosphatidylcholine, which therefore replaces the syringe needle. The original injective formula is based on the phosphatidylcholine action which, combined with other substances, works in order to dissolve the adipocyte membrane and, then, to solubilize lipids which return in the bloodstream in order to be metabolized by the human body.

Intrafosfaderm® is an innovative product with a lipolitic action. It consists in a nano-emulsion composed by phosphatidylcholine, aescin, caffeine and active agents which must be mixed when applied in order to keep their characteristics intact. Has to be vehiculated by Kmed-Ultrasoundultrasound waves.
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Mix active powder bag with a 5 ml sterile solution phial till completely melted.

Add this solution to the nano-emulsion till perfectly melted.

Applied on treatment area by evenly placing it , and than proceed with hand-probe device .
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8 nano-emulsion bags
8 active agents powder bags
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