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DERMALFactor® PeptideSerum
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DERMALFactor® PeptideSerum is the result of Keratrade Cosmeceutici’s advanced research in skin-ageing field. It is a double serum based on combined action aimed to stretch and remove wrinkles owing to the skin ageing. It nourishes and improves effectively the skin aspect. It delineates face through a more compact, young and bright aspect.

Both Relax Serum 1 and Peptide Complex 2 consist of several vegetable extracts with a marked anti-edemigenous and vessel protective action.

They are especially indicated for sensitive or couperose skin. The wrinkles reduction, due to the smoothing effect of DERMALFactor®, usually arises approximately within 40-50 days of application.
> IndicationsResults> Relax Serum 1> Peptide Complex 2

Clinical tests shows that Relax Serum 1 can reduce facial expression wrinkles up to 52% in only 24 days through the progressive inhibition of myoclonus. Furthermore, in vivo studies in the short-term showed that Relax Serum 1 has excellent smoothing and anti-ageing features.

Relax Serum 1:
acts on facial muscles relaxation; It is really successful against expression lines;
has excellent tonic and smoothing features;
conducts a preparatory and combined action by applying Peptide Complex 2.
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> Indications > ResultsRelax Serum 1> Peptide Complex 2

It is a last generation cosmeceutical serum. Clinical tests showed that Relax Serum 1 can reduce expression lines through the inhibition of myoclonus. Relax Serum 1 is the ideal and innovative solution for a real anti-aging effect.

Relax Serum 1 inhibits the neuromuscular activity, acting at the postsynaptic membrane level. It is a reversible opponent for the nicotinic muscular receptor of acetylcholine, it has a smoothing action on wrinkles and it is especially indicated against skin relaxation and expression lines.
> Indications > Results> Relax Serum 1Peptide Complex 2

Its active agent primes directly the TGF-β (tissue growth factor) - key element in the collagen synthesis, substance which constitutes our tissues and especially the extracellular matrix.

Peptide Complex 2:
treats effectively each kind of wrinkles;
has toning and moisturizing features;
acts on wrinkles and it is 3 times more effective than any other products on the market;
is a safe, successful and innovative cosmetic alternative to collagen injection;
is absolutely non-invasive, if compared to collagen injection.
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